Instructions On How To Set Up Your Premium Gender Reveal Kit

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

1. Lay Out All Contents Of The Package

Start out by getting an idea of what everything in the package looks like by laying out each of the pieces on a flat surface in front of you.

2. Decide If You Want To Use Helium

You can simply choose to blow up all balloons by mouth or using an air pump without the need to additionally purchase helium. However, should you decide to use helium for an extra boost to your setup 🎈, please remember that the black gender reveal balloon can expand up to 36 inches. Although this balloon is probably one of the important pieces in the package, it is easy to forget to consider the amount of helium needed to blow it up.

Please note, due to helium molecules being smaller than oxygen molecules, it is common that latex balloons will deflate faster if you decide to use helium.

3. Blow Up Round Foil Balloons

The question mark foil balloons can be filled either by mouth, using an air pump or with helium. Locate the filling tab on the outside of your balloon and insert a straw (provided in the package) into the tab (underneath the white flap) to help you blow it up. Pinch the straw and filling tab so air doesn't come out as you inflate it and blow into the end of the straw to fill the balloon with air. Remove the straw while maintaining air pressure and pinch the seal to close it up. Add a piece of ribbon and voilà! 🤩

4. Blow Up "Boy Or Girl" And Question-Mark Balloons

These balloons are not required to be filled up with helium since they are usually glued to the wall as a party banner. They are similar to inflate as the round foil balloons shown above.

5. Blow Up Latex Balloons

The package includes a very large variety of latex balloons, from round, to heart shaped, and also confetti filled. With all these options your party setup is assured to look amazing. 🎈🎈🎈

Please note the heart shaped balloons will not gain their full shape if not blown up entirely. Watch the video below for a quick demonstration and a tip on how to tie latex balloons.

Extra tip: when filled with air, shake the confetti balloons and rub them on a carpeted surface to get the confetti to stick to the sides.

6. Prepare The "Oh Baby" Banner

Use the gold ribbon along with the plastic threading needle provided in the package to set up the "Oh Baby" banner.

7. Blow Up The Giant Gender Reveal Balloon

Based on the gender of your little angel, insert the blue or pink heart shaped confetti provided in the kit into the giant black balloon prior to filling it up with air. Once completed, blow up the balloon either with an air pump or using helium. We do not recommend filling up this balloon with air by mouth because, as mentioned previously, it expands up to 36 inches. It would require a lot of effort and patience to fill up.

8. Build The Photo Props

The kit includes an abundance of cute props for your photo booth. They are very easy to set up: just use stickers provided to attach the wooden sticks to the paper cards! 📸

9. Insert The Cake And Cupcake Toppers

Slide the wooden part of the cake topper into your cake and repeat a similar procedure with the cupcake toppers. 🧁🧁🧁 Yum!

10. Start Hanging Everything Up

Use the adhesive tabs provided in the package to hang up all the prepared items on the wall. We ended up designing our wall without even using all the balloons provided. There are infinite possibilities - just use your imagination! 😊

11. Set Up A Table With Your Favourite Snacks

Complete your final party preparations with a candy-bar! 🍭🍬🍫 You may choose to set up a table of snacks right below your decoration wall (like we did in the video below) or separate them if you'd like easier access to it for photos during your party.

12. Receive Many Compliments!

The decor is ready. The snacks are ready. 🥳 Time to welcome the guests and receive numerous compliments on your party decorations, snacks and, of course, your cutest baby bump!

We truly hope these instructions were helpful. Feel free to share a photo of your gorgeous setup in the product review.

Our Head of Customer Service is ready for the party 😄🎉

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